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Joe Murray

Joe Murray

Executive Producer

Joe’s yardstick is the experience. His drive and motivation spin out of a desire to make the project a fantastic experience for the creative team, the client, the end user – all of whom he regards as participants in the adventure. He knows how a great script and exchanges of ideas progress in real life from initial treatment to final screening. How scenes and even people meld seamlessly into a bigger story that becomes a vision. That passion is what makes Joe the glue of any project.

Joe’s own progression, from still photographer to finishing artist to producer, is what makes him uniquely suited to marshaling a project through to the goal. Along the way, he developed an ability to unite separate voices and visions and weave them into a coherent whole. That leadership has resulted in international recognition for work on brands like Husqvarna, CarMax, Panasonic, Bojangles’, Ally Bank and more.

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